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I was born to tell you I love you

4 January
There is really nothing to say about me!!! just read my LJ
311, 36 crazyfists, a perfect circle, adema, adidas, afi, agnostic front, aim, alcohol, american history x, as i lay dying, ashlee simpson, atreyu, being in love, being sexually suggestive, beloved, bleeding through, blood has been shed, c-town, candles, carrie underwood, cars, cheese, chevelle, chillin', chinese food, clothes, coal chamber, coffee, concerts, cooking, dancing, darkest hour, deftones, detroit, diecast, eighteen visions, elementree, evanescence, evergreen tarrace, every time i die, family guy, farmington hills, fear factory, fenton, fight club, fire, friends, fuck wiggers, glassjaw, god forbid, guitarists, guys, hardcore, hatebreed, hockey, hopesfall, hot topic, hugs, ill nino, inside jokes, issues, it dies today, italian food, italian pride, kaitlyn, katie, kelly clarkson, kill bill, killswitch engage, korn, l.a.p.d., lacuna coil, lamb of god, livejournals, lots of guys, love is red, make-up, maroon 5, maynard, metal, metallica, michigan, misery signals, most presious blood, movies, muscles, music, my chemical romance, nora, norma jean, orgy, ozzfest, partying, performing, perfume, pink, poison the well, pulp fiction, purses, rainy days, reading, red hot chili peppers, red wings, reeces, remembering never, riding in trunks, rock, saint andrews hall, scott, senses fail, shadows fall, shawna, shinedown, shiny things, shoes, shopping, shrimp, simpsons, singing, sleep, slipknot, smile empty soul, smirnoff, soundgarden, spice girls, squishy things, system of a down, t.v., taproot, terror, texas two step, the black dahlia murder, the crow, the mall, the o.c., the simpsons, thrice, throwdown, tool, trojans lol, trustkill, underoath, unearth, untouchables, wal-mart, walls of jericho, your mom